A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Breakout but YOU are the ball, and an AI controls attempts to control the paddle.

Made for LÖVE jam 2021 by Tjakka5 and Qtp2t

Steer left: Left arrow/A 
Steer right: Right arrow/D
Confirm/Serve: Enter

Break all the blocks in a level to advance to the next one!
When your ball gets covered in chocolate you can't break any more blocks. Head on over to the paddle to drop it off.

This game has global highscores. If you don't want your score to be uploaded just don't fill in a name.


Extra Ball
You get an extra life.
Chocolate Coin
You get 250 points.

Golden Ticket
You get 1000 points!

Paddle size +
The paddle increases in size.

Paddle size –
The paddle decreases in size. Avoid if possible!

Makes more balls. You control all of them!

Ball Piercing
Nicer than it sounds. Pierce through blocks without recoiling!


win-x64.zip 51 MB
ubuntu.20.04-x64.zip 51 MB

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