Made in 3 hours for Friday Night Game Jam - #2020-38

Us AD/Left+Right Arrow keys to dodge the attacks. Get through all the attacks to win. (I wasn't able to implement losing. So that should be pretty easy)

The topic was "Nostalgic". I thought of my days playing the gameboy on a car drive home in the dark, where you could only see the game when a streetlight shined on it, since the gameboy didn't have a backlight.

My initial idea was to have a boss telegraphing it's attacks, which you would have to memorize because the screen got dark.

However. I didn't have enough time to implement this. And the game was already plenty challenging as it is. So now it's a cool Simon Says kind of game.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 19 MB


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I love the use of music, and the gameboy idea. I remember playing the gameboy like that, especially on long car trips for vacations. 

The way it turned out, in a simon says kinda way, is pretty fun. Even though there wasn't any damage done, I still played it until I really won. I like the learning curve. It's a neat looking enemy, and the color scheme does remind me of the gameboy, while looking more appealing than the original gameboy colors.