A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Umm so we took, PONG, added 2 extra paddles, and removed one of the players... then we just umm removed one of the keys to control the paddles so instead we added some magnetism to the corner... and we also removed the G on PONG... yeah

That's PON'

Just GO and play it, you'll have fun and be frustrated to death!


SPACE, or mouse click! Yeah that is it

If you have a Gamepad use the equivalent to the A key on an XBox controller / X key on a PlayStation controller.

Install instructions

NOTE: You need to have LÖVE 0.10.2 installed to run PON'-universal.love (This is currently the only way to run this game on Linux systems)

MacOS builds are untested, if you find a bug please tell us


PON'-win-64.zip 8 MB
PON'-win-32.zip 7 MB
PON'-osx.zip 10 MB
PON'-universal.love 5 MB

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